Asset management – How companies use their assets effectively

Asset management – How companies use their assets effectively

The cleaning industry is often seen as a traditional sector. However, this has been changing for years. Mainly driven by technological developments, big steps are being made in data-driven operations. Asset management is one of those steps forward. Machines are becoming increasingly complex to operate and maintain due to far-reaching digitalisation. They are often also linked to the cloud. These developments offer opportunities for savings and improved insight into the use and maintenance of assets.

What is asset management in cleaning?

Asset management is a common term in the world of investment or real estate. In this case we are talking about the management of the assets of a cleaning company in the broadest sense. Here you can think of different types of assets such as: sweepers, aerial work platforms, trolleys or water vacuum cleaners. 

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In addition to general assets, this technology is also used to monitor other assets. Practical examples are the registration of vehicles, bungalows, computers and even trees or plants. By recording and monitoring the data of all assets, cleaning companies can make their operations considerably more efficient.

In order to gain more insight into the use and maintenance of cleaning devices, these can be linked to sensors that transmit the data directly to an external app or platform. This makes it possible to always see when and how often a device is used. It is also clear when the appliances are due for maintenance. 

Furthermore, asset management is suitable for purposes other than data-driven work. Companies can also use the application to map out their entire inventory and have it inspected. An example of this could be to provide all equipment within a company with an NFC sticker. When the inventory is complete, everything can easily be ISO inspected and kept up to date

Asset management met FacilityApps

Because asset management is becoming increasingly important for cleaning companies, we have developed a new module. The asset management module takes your asset management to the next level. Manage your entire inventory and track it by location and user.

With the asset management module, you can quickly identify machines and other assets and perform various actions. Scanning your assets with a smartphone and a QR/NFC sticker gives you full insight into the data. Complete data dashboards can easily be shared with management. Asset management can be used for mops, trolleys, sensors, dispensers, buckets, hoovers, scrubbers and more.

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Whitepaper QR & NFC in cleaning


How to use QR & NFC for asset management?

In this whitepaper we go into depth on QR and NFC, compare the two options and discuss all applications in the cleaning industry.

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