Vileda goes back to the drawing board for Origo 2

Vileda goes back to the drawing board for Origo 2

This article about Vileda and the new Origo2 – which is also usable for Trolley Fleet Management – was published on the European Cleaning Journal during Interclean 2018. Origo 2 has the possibility for an integration with a tablet and offers a solution for monitoring the trolley fleet.

‘When we began developing the Vileda Origo2 two years we compiled a map of what a cleaner’s typical day looked like,” says business development director Steve Barber. “Vileda’s Origo2 cleaning trolley bears no resemblance whatsoever to the original Origo model”,  And it is designed with the cleaner firmly in mind. “We were surprised to discover how little of their time is spent in cleaning. Much of it is taken up with navigating around buildings and moving equipment around.”


Since many trolleys are too large to fit into washrooms and other tight spaces, cleaners have to find other ways of moving items such as paper supplies, used mop heads and waste products around, he says.

“We discovered that some cleaners were using shopping baskets or trolleys to transport these items,” said Barber. “So the Origo2 features satellite sections that can be split off from the main trolley.”

One satellite section allows used products and waste to be transported separately from the main cart while another enables the bucket and press to be detached for filling and emptying. “This is a much more convenient system for the end user – particularly as the bucket and press section can easily be detached by foot,” said Barber.

Tablet/iPad and Apps integration on trolley

The Vileda Origo2 incorporates an iPad to enable the cleaner to stay connected to the service manager, while other benefits include soft-touch bumpers and a vertical mop storage system that allows four mops of any height to be stored on the trolley. For more information about Trolley Monitoring and apps on a trolley, please contact us.

Source: European Cleaning Journal. Read also more on the latest Vileda innovations.