What is UWB (Ultra Wideband)?


uwb in cleaning facilityapps


Ultra Wideband (UWB) is a new wireless technology, used for indoor positioning of products and people. UWB can send large amounts of data at high speed. This is possible by spreading the data packets over a wide frequency band, allowing them to be transmitted in parallel. UWB operates via spread spectrum technology.

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Applications and UWB Apps


UWB devices can accurately measure distance as well as position, as it is less obstructed by obstacles and walls than existing wireless networks such as WIFi and Bluetooth. Therefore, the applications are very diverse.

At FA we have shown to various clients how to track with UWB assets (hospital beds, cleaning machines and cleaning machines, echo carts, wheelchairs) and indoor workers in our platform up to 10-20 cm accurately. You can literally see where something or someone is. Convenient for  large locations such as hospitals, hotels, resorts and factories or places where it may be critical (e.g. cleanrooms).



uwb in cleaning facilityapps




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What do you need

  • UWB anchors
  • UWB tags
  • Platform for data processing, visualization
  • Task generation or communication via Apps


uwb in cleaning facilityapps


Revolution in service and facility management


FacilityApps provides a platform for converting the UWB data to action. Eventually, someone has to act on data and data patterns. Tasks should be planned automated, push notifications for warnings, maintenance and management predictions. But also dashboards, business intelligence and collecting of big data, then UWB will really work. Apps are therefore needed and also a platform, to be used for various roles and users. More info about the FacilityApps platform or request a demo.



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