The bottlenecks in the cleaning sector

The bottlenecks in the cleaning sector

The cleaning industry is a very complex sector that requires a lot of attention, care and control. That’s because you have to deal with cleaners, buildings, various activities, planning and time constraints. As a result, in today’s market and demand, you may encounter certain bottlenecks that are easy to solve with smart technology. We have listed the most common bottlenecks of the cleaning industry for which we have found the solution. 

Staff shortage

Currently there is a major staff shortage in the cleaning sector. These days, cleaners are not just there for the taking. Many more opportunities on the labour market and more branches are crying out for staff puts the job-seeker in a better position. They have lots of possibilities to switch to a different branch. 

Even though shortage of staff cannot be solved directly with technology, you can use it to deploy your current staff more efficiently. This way you are able to do more work with the same number of employees. Digitizing your work-processes provides more control, insight and better registration of quality and quantity. Based on this data, processes can be organized more efficiently per employee. How we save lots of time with digitizing?

Paper-based time and attendance registration 

Paper-based time and attendance recording is extremely time-consuming and difficult to control. Besides that, data can’t be stored properly or easily shared. A lot of time often passes before they can be checked and is not easily recorded. A sustainable solution is real-time attendance registration. With software, digital clocking-in and noting down happens automatically. This means that the data can be viewed and compared at any time at any place. When an employee is late or leaves early you’re notified immediately. That way you can respond as fast as possible to prevent a no show. This saves lots of time and provides loads of new insights



Measuring the quality of cleaning 

Checking the cleaning quality of your employees manually is hard to map and very time-consuming without any systems or programs. With our new quality management methods you’ll get insight into the quality of cleaning in the most practical way for your company. With the three new measuring modules, you can choose which method suits your needs best. This software ensures that you’ll get more insight into the quality of cleaning. Based on the results you can improve the quality of cleaning constantly.



Scheduling work

Scheduling work- and calendars is difficult when done manually. Even when you use a system, it remains difficult to link activities directly to employees. There are lots of planning and scheduling software applications. The best and most recent applications support live planning and drag- and drop systems. When new work orders are scheduled employees are notified through push- or in-app notifications. This way the planner has an overview of work orders that need to be scheduled. 



Transform to digital work-orders

As soon as a cleaner has completed a job or task, a signed work order and time sheet must be issued. When completed paperwork orders require a lot of manual work before an invoice can be sent. When paper work orders are replaced by work order software this process will run automatically and the process time disappears. Respond faster to customer requests, simplify your work process, invoice extra work more easily and save time and costs. This process is completely taken over by the software, making the process much less risky than manually processing.