IoT & Smart City in Landscaping

IoT & Smart City in Landscaping

Smart City Solutions in Landscaping. Models with predictive value like Internet of Things and sensors are the future for gardeners and cleaners. The Internet of Things is a very clear concept that will have a major and far-reaching impact on everyone’s life. Discussions with facility managers and the management of service companies taught him that this concept is not yet clear to everyone. “The science fiction author William Gibson already said it:” The future is already here, but it’s unevenly distributed. “

FacilityApps is concerned with digitizing the operational work process. The use of Internet of Things – and related concepts such as Smart City and Smart Building – is a natural input. But what exactly does this term Internet of Things mean? In order to interpret the concept correctly, it is best to break it up into four parts, according to Tuip:

  • Internet of Things for landscaping – Hardware
    Internet of things hardware consists of sensors that are applied to physical objects. The sensors generate information that is sent to the internet. These sensors can measure temperature, humidity, the degree of filling in a container, air quality or whatever else.
  • IOT landscaping – Connectivity
    To send the information to the internet, the hardware must be ‘connected’. This connection is ideally wireless and uses little energy, so the hardware can easily be installed and can operate on a battery for a long time (+5 years).
  • Big Data Analysis in landscaping
    Collecting a lot of information (data) has no value in itself. Just think of the thousands of photos that we all have on our computers and that we never look at. The value in a lot of data lies in the fact that we can analyze the data: to distil relationships from them. If we succeed in this, we can predict outcomes and optimize them accordingly.
  • Action – Predictive
    Once we have measured the physical world, stored and analyzed the information, we are ready to predict and optimize our work. But who will carry out the actions that arise from the new process? And how is this action assigned and controlled? This last step is critical in a real, functional Internet of Things solution.

Measurable action as a condition for Internet of Things

The advice is to never start an internet of things pilot without first thinking about the action process. ‘Measurable action is a condition. Do not fall into the trap of build it, and they will come, but go for Measure it, and ensure measurable execution.

Smart city solutions in Landscaping | Bin sensor

“A practical example is the trash-can sensor”. “The trash-can sensor is a sensor that measures the filling level of trash-cans. It is small, wireless, works for five years on one battery and is very affordable. It sends measurements about the public or private network to the cloud platform of FacilityApps. From here, the company makes the information available in a personalized webpage and app.”

iot smart city solutions landscaping cleaning

IOT App landscaping

The customer can then see the filling level of his trash-cans in real-time, but also analyze the historical use in order to determine an optimal route. “The route can be assigned to a specific employee who can mark this task as ‘completed’ in the app and prepare it for inspection. From start to finish, the whole process, measurable, documented, optimized and executed.” Smart City Solutions in Landscaping are inevitable.