FacilityApps Service Level Agreement

FacilityApps uses its Service Level Agreement (SLA) to assess the requests for help. The client has a choice of 3 SLA levels of which the SLA Basic is free of charge



Support Questions

A request for assistance to FacilityApps will be tested and classified as one of the 3 categories; Bugs, Questions, Wishes.  The minimum time spent per question / ticket is 10 minutes. You can track the total time spent on support via your customer portal. Extra support time outside the SLA support bundle costs 1.50 euro per minute. Reclamation of support time must be made to the support desk within 14 days after the ticket has been processed.


There is at least 1 functional owner per environment / db, these are so-called Admin, which has been assigned the role of ‘system administrator’ within the environment / db. The SLA is always based on time zone GMT +1 (Amsterdam). On office days (Mon-Fri) from 9 am to 5 pm. The Dutch office is closed on national Dutch holidays. The chosen SLA determines how the Admin can make its request for help known to FacilityApps. The communication is in English. This Admin is the first point of contact for the internal customer organization with regard to questions about FacilityApps. They are the only employees who can make reports at FacilityApps. The Admin has completed the basic training and all available module training.


Software-related questions are understood to mean the general operation (functionality) of the software and the manner of settings as they are built into the software. This category is charged to your SLA minutes.


Program errors (bugs) in the software are solved by FacilityApps and this is not charged to your SLA minutes. Depending on the bug type and the SLA, a priority is assigned by FacilityApps. Priority bug types: P1 – blocker, P2 – critical, P3 – minor. FacilityApps may make temporary arrangements in the form of workaround solutions. If it is not clear when the ticket is reported whether it is a program error or a user error, the support desk will analyze the ticket. If after analysis it appears that it is a user error, the support time spent will be charged.


Wishes are inventoried and created as a ticket by the service desk. Every week it is assessed whether new wishes are included in the Roadmap. Urgent request for the expansion of new functionalities will be passed on to the account manager who will issue a customized quotation.

Read the full documentation on our service level agreement here.