Introduction of new Tasks App

Introduction of new Tasks App

It is no longer necessary to print working plans and tasks

FacilityApps has offered the opportunity to plan tasks for years. It also had a special HACCP-module for food cleaning. However, it was not suited to use for regular cleaning of buildings, schools and hospitals. With the introduction of a completely new work program and tasks app, it becomes even more interesting to involve the cleaner in digitalization.

Starting over

“For a software company, it is painful to see that something you built a few years ago slowly grows old and becomes less useful in the future,” said Dirk Tuip, one of the founders of FacilityApps. Tuip began his social career at a cleaning company. “We started over a year and a half ago to review the complete technique and structure behind our tasks and planning module. On the app side, our customers have gotten used to the Facebook and Apple effect, in other words: everything works straightforward and simple. “

Example of online Working Plans and Task App

Feedback and input users

“In order to make the functionalities connect even better, our programmers and consultants have visited a number of customers where the app was shown in practice. Some of the places where the app was shown were in the offices and spaces of the Heineken Experience, a croquette factory, a hospital and a high school. Of course it is always good to be literally next to the cleaner and their executives in the field. Both to see how they use our app now and to hear how it could be improved even further. As a result, we received essential input on how we could take the next step. Now we are actually so far we can finally roll this out. “


Tasks App

The Tasks App now provides a need to schedule and lock all recurring tasks in task templates and task templates. It does not matter which frequency those tasks have: daily, weekly, monthly, annual or any other periodic repetition.

Working Plan App, finish tasks easily for mobile workforce management, for example cleaners, landscapers and service employees

These task templates and work programs can be easily applied to objects, floors, space or elements. “The more critical the environment, the more the cleaning company wants the assurance that work is done in the same way, and that the steps are taken that are necessary. But the customer wants to be updated on what is happening more and more in real-time. We also see that in the flow of new customers. They usually conduct transparency to the customer as an important factor for their steps in digitization. Delivering demonstrable good work is important towards the future. Evidence based cleaning we call that, “continues Tuip.

Future in planning, maintenance and performance

“We believe we are at the root of a revolution for service and maintenance companies such as cleaning companies. Under the influence of Internet of Things, smart building and smart city, the coming years will dramatically change the way planning and performance works. We keep this in account in our roadmap. So that we hopefully will not have to start with this app again in 3 years, “Tuip decides.