FacilityApps people counter

Measure occupancy levels in bathrooms or other high intensive maintenance spaces.

The FacilityApps people counter automatically measures and controls occupancy levels to enable social distancing and protect the safety of customers, visitors and employees. Suitable for use in offices, workplaces, washrooms and more, we use advanced people counting technology to anonymously count people as they enter and exit an area. This data can be used to optimise cleaning schedules automatically in our app.


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When the customisable occupancy limit is met or exceeded, display signage is updated in real time to alert and notify building users that the area is at capacity and not safe to enter. Installation is fast and a simple setup wizard makes configuration easy, even when the room or building being monitored has multiple entrances and exits.

The FacilityApps people counter in action

This video shows an implementation of the occupancy sensor at a Smart Washroom, in which all data regarding fill levels, occupancy and usage is automatically monitored in a single dashboard.




Unrivalled sensor accuracy (>99%)

Optimise washroom cleaning schedules

Empower building users to make informed decisions



facility apps people counter occupancy sensor


Occupancy sensor for washrooms 

Real time monitoring with occupancy sensors
Visitor, attendant and manager dashboards
Historic reports for analysis and audit
Automatically adjusted cleaning schedules
Visual warnings and alerts at max occupancy



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