Collaboration between OPHARDT Hygiene & FacilityApps


OPHARDT Hygiene is a large multinational provider of various hygiene solutions. As of 2019, the control platform of OPHARDT Hygiene works with the possibility of integration with FacilityApps’ software. Together we offer the powerful tool that makes the facility and cleaning industry more efficient than ever before.

For more than 50 years, OPHARDT Hygiene has dominated the global market of dispenser systems and hand hygiene solutions. Over the past 10 years they have developed their products into smart dispensers. Thus, they offer the perfect solution for the healthcare, food- and sanitation industries.

“We saw an opportunity to add more value for our customers through collaboration in facility management,” says Joel Ophardt, global marketing manager for OPHARDT Hygiene. “Offering FacilityApps integration gives our customers access to multiple modules that allows them to monitor and improve the many different processes in their facilities.”

Joel Ophardt
Joel Ophardt – Global marketing manager – Ophardt Hygiene

“One of the most important moments of 2019”

That is how the collaboration between OPHARDT and FacilityApps is described: “Leading up to the launch of the collaboration, we observed many software solutions offered by major players within the cleaning industry. However, a simple and customer-oriented platform in which stored data was displayed did not yet exist. That is where the strength of FacilityApps lies. We offer a coherent platform where the data collected by the innovative solutions of our partners is displayed.” Thus Chris van den Berg, CCO of FacilityApps.


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The Smart Washroom

Every building has its own maintenance areas. Bathrooms, toilets or washrooms are present in every building and in large buildings they are often maintained by cleaning staff. A time-consuming, and often inefficient, process. The collaboration between OPHARDT and FacilityApps strives to create an efficient cleaning process for high-maintenance areas.

We combine the Internet of Things (IoT) and our revolutionary software. By using sensors in dispensers we measure data and display it in an interactive dashboard. Avoid empty soap dispensers or paper roll holders. We identify peak filling moments per dispenser.

We also have a total solution for hospitals. This enables healthcare institutions to treat patients quickly and successfully. Our devices prevent the spread of infections in hospital environments.

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