Nocore ERP and FacilityApps sign partner agreement

Nocore ERP and FacilityApps sign partner agreement

FacilityApps has concluded a partner agreement with Nocore. Several joint clients have indicated in the past few years  that they would like to have this realized. “The agreement makes way for connections. Both parties want to approach this step by step to ensure proper operation. FacilityApps has been supporting Nocore’s cleaning golf day for years and see this as a logical next step. We will actively approach our customers to find out if they are interested, ” said Eric Kok of FacilityApps.

ERP software in cleaning

Nocore has been the leading software in the Netherlands for years when it comes to ERP software in cleaning. Parties like Microsoft Navision, SAP, Exact Online, Afas, which have developed ERP software for multiple industries, have a hard time settling down in the cleaning industry. FacilityApps wants to focus on the workfloor and specializes in Apps.

API and Connections

The goal is to pick up and pass on the data on the workfloor. FacilityApps can create connections in multiple ways. Nocore has also developed some apps, but also sees that this is a specialty. In the coming future it will be charted which joint customers really want to make the connection. “We are open to connections and partnerships with other software companies, especially because software can become more and more complementary to each other. Everyone has his focus or specialization”, decides Kok.