Mobile device management with IBM MaaS360

Mobile device management with IBM MaaS360

The mobile balance between productivity and security

For many, mobile is the foremost driver of efficiency and productivity for organizations today. Driven by the consumerization of IT, employees now demand the same mobile tools they also use outside of work which eliminates the learning curve of new tools. So, how to to manage mobility and increase business productivity without compromising security? Our answer comes in the form of IBM MaaS360. Let our  our free 30-day trial convince you.

The world of working turned mobile

Far-reaching digitalisation is touching all facets of our life. It has not only dramatically influenced our job description; its influence on our way of working as such cannot be underestimated either. In the not-so-distant past, work began and ended at the desk. The mobile workers of today, enabled by IBM MaaS360, are multitasking from cutting-edge apps on the smartphones and tablets of their choice, be it personal devices, corporate-issued or  even shared devices. This new world of work requires flexibility from a productive workforce. Mobile can be a great asset in enabling workforces to achieve this goal. Learn here how EMM platforms can address all facets of a contemporary enterprise mobility strategy, enabling flexibility and productivity.

New Productivity Solutions to move mountains

IT and Business leaders acknowledge that mobile is a productivity playmaker, and massive mobile adoption is a reality. It’s a simple reality: workers that are used to being mobile outside of work, have come to expect their workplace to be no different. It is rampant across all industries, positively impacting organizations of all types and sizes. To meet the needs of organizations and their new mobile workforce, MaaS360 offers business productivity apps that are centered on usability, always putting the end user first. See here what MaaS360 can do for your business. Two solutions in particular make MaaS360 particularly appealing:


  • Simple, fast, powerful container solutions guarantee secure business productivity.

Managing masses of mobile workers isn’t easy. Adoption of resources can prove challenging, and it doesn’t help if said resources lack a familiarized look and feel. MaaS360 offers a seamless experience when switching between email, calendar, browser, chat and docs using newly released containers for Productivity Suite and Content Suite on Android and iOS. After all, it’s essential to keep in mind that mobile in the workplace is subject to the same ground rules for user experience and user-friendliness as mobile in the employee’s private life. Discover our new features to help address productivity, such as:

    • A new user interface for both Android and iOS will make it much easier to bounce back and forth between processes to save time and stay on task.
    • New swipe gestures have been added for more intuitive navigation and quicker actions.
    • Most notably, sensitive data stays in one place. The passcode-protected, security-rich container remains completely separate from other applications on the user’s device, upholding end user privacy concerns and data leak prevention (DLP).



  • Reimagined app catalogs deliver enterprise mobile apps on-demand

MaaS360 has the brawn to support large-scale app deployments. Case in point: nearly 10 million app distributions and more than 100,000 apps managed across all customer app catalogs. It makes it easy for users to discover and download hundreds of applications from a single repository. Couple this with two new-look enterprise app catalogs for Android and iOS, and you’ve already put your app-doption woes in the rear view. Some assets include

    • A native look and feel and the absence of learning curves will get your business right down to business: users need to know where to find relevant apps, and they need the delivery method to be easy and appealing.
    • Administrators are able to showcase featured apps, just like in the public app stores;
    • Bundles of apps can be created for functional areas like sales tools, as well as categories of apps, such as education and collaboration.

Try Managing Mobile with MaaS360 yourself!

Although this blog post serves its rightful purpose as a way to make you familiar with the service and its different functionalities, we can’t blame you if you’re still reluctant. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, isn’t it? See for yourself with our a full-production 30-day free trial. We’re confident MaaS360 will enable teams across your organization to improve their efficiency and productivity in an ever more mobile work environment.