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Many traditional organisations log their activities into a paper notebook, a form or a piece of paper. This often results in incomplete logs. Consequently complaints, notifications and questions are not being followed up, leading to unhappy clients and inefficient processes.

An App platform with the right combination of functionalities like the FacilityApps Logbook App, digitises the logbook, speeds up the workplace processes and significantly decreases costs.


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Ticket App Cleaning Facility

Anytime access to your organisational data

Ticket App Cleaning Facility

High service quality control

Ticket App Cleaning Facility

Mobile ticketing



The logbook app allows you to respond much faster to complaints coming in. It also simplifies the complaint ticket creation process, including photo evidence. The online portal allows all parties to look at the same issue, responses and status in real-time, avoiding phone calls and arguments about unclear statuses. Complaints can easily be copied to tasks of an assigned worker.



Logbook App Functionalities


Data retrieved directly from the workplace
All tickets collected in a central system
Add comments or photos to tickets
Data is lodged real-time
Digital signatures on documents
Enables Internal and External communication
Automated push-notifications


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