Krinkels ready for the future with FacilityApps

Krinkels ready for the future with FacilityApps

Krinkels, one of Holland’s largest green contractors and gardeners, has embraced FacilityApps for the implementation of Apps on the work floor. The existing collaboration has recently been extended to a 4-year partnership. The design and implementation of the Krinkels App including a link with the ERP package has already been realized. The further rollout in the various branches will take place in the coming months. With FacilityApps, Krinkels takes a step towards transparency and quality experience in green management.

Green 2.0 with the Krinkels App by FacilityApps

Dirk Tuip of FacilityApps: “Of course, we are pleased that such a large service provider as Krinkels extends the existing collaboration for a long period of time. It indicates that there is not only faith in the current solutions and benefits, but also that we are at the beginning of more. Krinkels is actively involved with us in our developed roadmap and really wants to advance and innovate. With that kind of company, we are happy to work on the future in greenery and cleaning, where we have also built up a proper customer portfolio.

Customer wants insight, we want to improve every day

Director Marc Bolier of Krinkels: “The world around us changes because of IT. Everyone has a smart phone, machines are getting smart. Krinkels would like to advance in these developments and offer practical solutions to our customers. By using Apps, we get more insight into what is happening on the work floor and we can make our operation more efficient like this . And our customers can see exactly what we did, whenever we did it.

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