Partnership Kopa and FacilityApps

Where FacilityApps is specialized in digitalization, software and new technology in the cleaning industry, Kopa helps every company to deploy technology in the right way to optimize business processes. FacilityApps offers Kopa a specialization in the cleaning industry and food sector. This way they can go deeper into the digitalization for their customers in this industry thanks to the software of FacilityApps. 



“Digitalisation is the key to a successful business,” says Kopa.

Kopa goes beyond IT, they optimise and digitise business processes, like FacilityApps. Because both companies have the same ideas and share a lot of knowledge, they can strengthen each other in developing technology and software. Kopa works on new ways of communicating and new technologies, towards a digital society. Kopa offers the necessary integrated IT solutions for the digitalisation of processes, based on extensive practical management experience and knowledge of implementations in well-known Slovenian companies.