FacilityApps launches GPS App

FacilityApps launches GPS App

FacilityApps launches a new GPS Tracker App during the Day of the Public Space on the 28th  and 29th of September 2016 in Utrecht, especially for companies active in green management. As a result, not only GPS trackers are needed, but at the same time there are various other benefits. The Purmerend App Builder is engaged in Mobile Workforce Management and provides Apps for people in the field. In 3 years time, they became the market leader in cleaning and Facility Management and last year the first gardeners also joined. During the Public Space Day they will present the GPS App to gardeners and governments.

From a freshman to an adult player

“In the past year, we were allowed to welcome our first customers in professional green managing and management, and new parties join regularly,” said Dirk Tuip of FacilityApps. “We have adapted our existing Apps that we deliver in the cleaning and facility management for specific features of green management. In recent months, we have gained much more insight into what wishes and requirements there are in green, partly because of customers like Krinkels, Flora Nova, T & G Terrain and Green Supply, Greencollective and Dolmans Landscaping and we have adapted our development roadmap to those requirements. After quite a few tests we can present the first new App during the stock market, but in the coming weeks, there will be more Apps, “said Tuip.

GPS tracker App offers many benefits

The direct benefit of the GPS Tracker App is of course that it is known where employees are at what time, you can see this back filtered by day, week or month. That way, as a contractor, you also have proof that you have been there. Tuip: The GPS Tracking App offers many more benefits: managing and communication becomes easier, productivity is much more insightful and measurable, and at the same time, times provide input for hourly registration.

gps tracking app


In addition, employees do not have to enter everything anymore, since many things go automatically. The gardeners only need to download the App, the rest is done in the background. Going into the future, we also want to make it possible to link this to tasks and planning, which may be (possibly automatically) unsubscribed. We are going to further expand the possibilities of GeoFencing. This is the virtual demarcation of a geographic area through GPS. Here, you should think about a location or building, but also an area, as gardeners call it. See more information about GeoFencing: geofencing on wikipedia.

Privacy GPS with employees

There will be contradictions about privacy is Tuip his expectation: “It is understandable that people ask questions about privacy. But you can turn it around too. It is also to ensure the safety of the employees. Recently, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium, legislation has been adopted which it is almost mandatory to know as an employer where staff are in working hours. In order to respond to this, we have made it possible to make tracking only happen during working hours.”

And most importantly: our customers save time and thus cost. In addition, they can give the end customer more insight, which demands it more and more. We think that we can therefore contribute to further professionalizing greenery.

FacilityApps at stand 2.2.09 / A

You can find FacilityApps at stand 2.2.09 / A where we will provide live demos of our Apps.