Introducing Indoor Positioning with FacilityApps

Introducing Indoor Positioning with FacilityApps

Proving that rooms and tasks are done without infrastructure change and any manual handling

During the ISSA 2018 in Dallas FacilityApps will launch a completely new functionality based on indoor positioning and indoor navigation. You can now track the exact position of cleaners in a building with the ‘Where is my cleaner?’ app. If a cleaner has the app from FacilityApps, the exact position within a building is known. This is not only convenient for better communication and interaction, but the position can also be used to see who was in which room and for how long.

indoor positioning for cleaning and cleaners

Where is my cleaner?

“I’m proud of our team for finishing this app before the ISSA 2018 Dallas show,” says Dirk Tuip, CEO of FacilityApps. “We’re really excited with the possibilities this new app gives to contract cleaners and their clients. It has several benefits where you don’t naturally think of.”

app for indoor positioning and navigation for cleaners

Evidence based cleaning and smart building

For example, you can also see (and provide evidence) the rooms they have been into and which ones not. We could also track the amount of time spent in particular spaces and locations. And Tasks like cleaning the coffee spots in the meeting room can then be assigned to the nearest cleaner.

Real-time information updates about the status of a room can be based on this as well. In the coming months, we want to optimize the functionality by running several pilots. If you are interested, contact us!”

And next to that, if you exactly know where your cleaners are, you can communicate and interact with them within the context of their location.


Demo at ISSA Interclean

Visitors of the ISSA 2018 Amsterdam are more than welcome to visit the FacilityApps stand 3319 or ask for a demo. Here you can experience how easy the ‘Where is my cleaner?’ app works. For more information, see our IoT Page.