Haltian offers a complementary solution that enables you to better manage the operations of your facility workforce. The facility industry is shifting quickly towards ‘Cleaning on Demand’ and maybe even ‘Pay per Use’. To make this happen, buildings need sensors that will trigger actions and cleaners will need to have an app (software) to receive tasks.


Collaboration and events

For our jointed marketing strategy, we have teamed up with Haltian a few times on trade shows, because we are complementary to each other. This started after Interclean 2018 where we have met for the first time and then the first joint trade show was Interclean Istanbul 2019, rapidly followed by ISSA 2019 Las Vegas and continued after Corona at Interclean Amsterdam 2022.

We have agreed to continue our successful collaboration for upcoming events, like: ISSA & Interclean, but also investigating trade-shows as CMS Berlin, Cleaning Show in London and hopefully many more to come.