Business Intelligence with FacilityApps

Business Intelligence with FacilityApps

FacilityApps introduces a new dashboard module based on Business Intelligence that makes it even easier for cleaning companies to report customers in a dynamic way. The solution offers a number of free standard analysis and reporting options based on modules and apps such as daily quality control, call reporting, logbook and time registration. More extensive dashboards are also  available at a limited extra price.

‘After months of development and preparation, we can now offer our customers the flexibility that we would like to see. This means that cleaning companies can now produce different types of reports per type of customer, per type of building, for both internal and external purposes for customers. You can of course also share this externally.’

business intelligence in cleaning landscaping facilityapps dashboard

No instinct but exact data

Business Intelligence dashboards offers management of cleaning companies a means to make the right decisions. They no longer have to rely on their own instincts, but test this against hard ‘real-time’ data. If we are able to formulate the right questions, we can also look for answers.

Some example questions that are asked by our customers:

  • What are the most common mistakes from a quality management checks and in which rooms, of which employee?
  • At what times did my employees clock in and out?
  • How many complaints per customer, region?
  • Am I on schedule with my numbers of quality checks, client reports and other KPIs?
  • How much extra work has been generated via work orders?

Simple and affordable reporting and BI dashboards

The user-friendliness of the dashboards is fantastic and it works intuitively. We have given a number of clients a Business Intelligence training and they are now working on creating extra dashboards (self-service). We did not necessarily want an external BI tool that would bring huge costs. These opportunities must be available to all our customers, both large and small. That is why we have made a number of standard dashboards available at no extra cost. We provide extra dashboard services at an additional cost.


GDPR compliant

The GDPR legislation also has an impact here. That involved additional challenges. Now every dashboard can be assigned and only shows the data that this person is allowed to see according to the rights structure. As a result, you can also share these dashboards with customers!