Fonville and FacilityApps look ahead.

Fonville and FacilityApps look ahead.

The contract between Fonville Cleaning companies and FacilityApps has been prolonged. With this commitment, the all-round service cleaning organization indicates that it is very satisfied with the services of FacilityApps. Both companies are looking forward to the future with a positive feeling. “’Customer satisfaction is what it is all about’”.

A contract prolongation generally means satisfied customers. According to Marcel Mink, project manager at Fonville, this is certainly the case. “Meanwhile, all supervisors at Fonville work with the FacilityApps App and we are very content with it”, Mink begins. “FacilityApps is very flexible and listens to the wishes of the customers carefully. In the time we have worked together, we have had intensive contact and worked on the system. They give us the space for our own contribution and this ultimately led to a more than amazing cooperation, and now contract prolongation. “


Many people fear that the digitization of many activities will be at the expense of personal contact. Marcel Mink notes that in his company, the opposite is true. “Because we have made the administrative work completely digital, the supervisors can work more effectively. As a result, they lose less time and keep more time for personal contact with customers and colleagues. This will only benefit the ambiance on the work floor. In addition, by listening to the stories of the employees we can make our systems even more perfect. “

Initially, Fonville, the company responsible for cleaning at numerous recreational parks in the Netherlands, approaches FacilityApps to make the work – and especially the control of work – run more smoothly. The cooperation continues and together they are already working on new systems for recreational centers among other things. “The collaboration with FacilityApps offers us many opportunities for the future. As a result, we can increase customer satisfaction even more, and that is what it is all about. “

Mutual trust

Not only Fonville is happy with the collaboration and the expressed trust. Dirk Tuip – CEO of FacilityApps – praises the cleaning company for her ambition. “Our collaboration shows very clearly what we can do as FacilityApps for a company. For Fonville, we digitize the operational process from A to Z. Instead of working with Excel sheets, task cards and application forms at Fonville, they all work using our App. “

Marcel Mink en Eric Ambergen van Fonville schudden de handen van Dirk Tuip en Johan de Punder van FacilityApps

Changeover days holiday parks App

If you, for example, look at a changeover day at one of the holiday parks where Fonville is active, you will see that there is a complex process. Facility Apps makes this process easy for all parties involved. “When there are dozens of people in front of the desk in such a day, it is a matter of effectiveness. From the front desk staff to the cleaning service, everyone is in the utmost state of preparedness. You are dealing with permanent staff, call forces and new staff.

Our App ensures that everything is measured and saved. What are the tasks that someone has to do, how long he or she has for this and the quality check afterwards, everything is digitized by us. This is extremely effective, giving the employer – Fonville in this case – immediate insight into all processes. “

“An ambitious company like Fonville is invaluable. They not only use our Apps in the recreation centers, but have impregnated them into all their systems. They want to innovate and think ahead. As a result, we are challenged to think and adapt the systems flexibly and, if necessary, adapt them as needed. On the other hand, we have the assurance that our systems will actually be used. In the future, the Facility App will be used more and more often. This way, everything will be digitized and working will be even more efficient. “