Follow Dike Strength With FA

Follow Dike Strength With FA

This completes the physical work and the work now continues within the FacilityApps platform. Last week the reinforcement of the Ringdijk, Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam, was completed. The Ringdijk was symbolically given back to the residents. Delta Programme Commissioner Peter Glas together with the CEO of the Flood Protection Programme Eric Wagener, covered the last JLD dike stabilizer with soil.

After covering the dike stabilizer, Mayor of Water Authority (Amstel, Gooi and Vecht) Gerhard van den Top, Water Authority Administrator (Amstel, Gooi and Vecht) Gerard Korrel, CEO of JLD Contracting LTD Jos Karsten and the residents sowed turf on the fresh laid soil.

JLD Dijkstabiliser + sensor + nbIOT = data driven dyke security

The reinforcement of the Ringdijk in Amsterdam is the first dike that has been reinforced with the latest JLD Dike Stabilizing Technique.

The JLD Dike stabilizer was the chosen technique to reinforce the Ringdijk because this technique was least inconvenient for the residents. By choosing this technique the Ringdijk could preserve its original shape and the surrounding trees didn’t have to be cut down. Depending on the situation and soil conditions, this Dike Stabilizing Technique can strengthen a Dike with 30%. 

The role of FacilityApps is to read out the sensors, to warn when boundaries are being broken and to see through dashboards what the development is in changing circumstances such as weather data, water levels.