FacilityApps & Plastiflex join forces

FacilityApps & Plastiflex join forces

FacilityApps and Plastiflex, announce they have joined forces to combine their core competencies. Together they have created the first real App ecosystem for smart commercial vacuum cleaners.


Leading plastic hose manufacturer

Plastiflex Group N.V. is the leading brand in plastic hose system solutions for commercial vacuum cleaning applications and FacilityApps B.V. from the Netherlands is a fast growing software supplier in facility workforce management.

“We are excited to add the leading global player in the commercial vacuum cleaner market to our App ecosystem. The world digitizes rapidly and the Internet of Things (IoT) just started to gain traction in the cleaning industry.” Says Chris van den Berg, Chief Commercial Officer at FacilityApps.
Dirk Tuip, Chief Executive Officer at FacilityApps adds:”Our team built a scalable App solution in which hardware, sensors and connectivity are integrated. This enables us to track & trace existing vacuum cleaners utilizing them with a retrofittable piece of hardware which connects directly to the internet for live updates about when, where and how long a vacuum cleaner is being used. This unique data will give cleaning professionals advanced insights and enable them to make better decisions that will lead to a healthier building environment”.


“A different ecosystem requires a different strategy”

“Early on, it became very clear to Plastiflex that the world of IoT is a very different ecosystem compared with our traditional markets and value chains”; states Jenci Kurja, Chief Growth Officer at Plastiflex. “Besides the fact that the area of IoT is relatively new, fast growing and developing, we understood quickly that to be able to operate in an IoT ecosystem, partnerships are of utmost importance”. “We realized that we needed a partner in the areas of software, analytics and digital services. FacilityApps has all those capabilities and is an established supplier within the commercial cleaning industry.”

“Our joint IoT journey has only just started so we opened up an Early Adopter Program to experience this synergy Partnership!”

If you are interested or want to join our Early Adopter program, feel free to contact Chris van den Berg (chris@facilityapps.com) or Jenci Kurja (Jenci.kurja@plastiflex.com)