FacilityApps launches an objective measuring method for cleaning quality at Interclean

FacilityApps launches an objective measuring method for cleaning quality at Interclean

Measuring cleaning quality scores as objectively as possible. How do you accomplish that? By using the new measurement method of FacilityApps, a user-friendly expansion of the existing DKS structure with a distinction between elements, types of rooms and objects. The software developer invites cleaning companies to visit their stand at Interclean to discover for themselves the possibilities of this new addition to the FacilityApps platform. 

DKS is an excellent working quality measurement for cleaning companies. But this traditional method only measures the number of errors in a room, and that doesn’t say much about the quality of the cleaning. After all, 100 errors in a 20,000 m2 room may not be a problem, while in a smaller room it may be crucial. With DKS, cleaning quality is given a grade, but what is this grade based on if all room types are rated as equal? “We want to make these measurements more fair and objective,” says Eric Kok, Customer Success Manager at FacilityApps. “After all, an office is different from an airport or a school, and cleaning quality should therefore be assessed differently.”

Objective Quality Tool

FacilityApps has added a new weighting tool to the familiar DKS structure that is adjustable by object, room and element level. The score of a room is influenced by the weight assigned to the elements. These can be set prior to measurements in the (DKS) settings. Should a certain room, such as a toilet or meeting room, be given more value than others? Then a greater value can be assigned to it. In this way, quality measurement becomes more fair and objective. 

User experience

During the development of the new measurement method, the person conducting the quality measurement was also thought of. By using a dropdown menu the employees linked to the object and pre-assigned room types, elements and object category can be selected. Typing in the data yourself is no longer necessary, which provides peace of mind and a full focus on the quality measurement. 

Detailed management report

With the addition of the new measurement method, FacilityApps has also completely renewed its quality management report. Visual attractive tables and graphs directly display the results such as overviews per room & type of room, object score history to see the quality development and elements overview per room to see how the score was achieved. An important source of knowledge that shows trends in room types.

The finishing touch..

In addition to the above, FacilityApps has improved other things on its platform, such as a more efficient folder structure (including pay slips) for employees and elements, the ability to mark tasks as done based on an NFC/QR scan, visibility of total recorded time per employee and Nocore synchronization that now includes photos and comments on tasks.

Want to get to know the objective quality measurement tool?

Interested parties can experience the new quality measurement method of FacilityApps at stand 05.626 in hall 5 of Interclean in Rai Amsterdam. 

About FacilityApps

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