FacilityApps launches 2 new modules during Cleaning Days

FacilityApps launches 2 new modules during Cleaning Days

The FacilityApps platform continues to expand. During the first physical cleaning trade event in a long time, the PurmerValley company will launch two modules: a ‘news’ module and ‘Nocore schedules’. These two functionalities can be viewed at the Nocore Software stand in exhibition hall 1 in Houten on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 November.



Matching timetable information to attendance

“At the request of customers, the Nocore-FacilityApps link has been extended with timetable information from Nocore. By linking this information to attendance registration data, we provide insight into who has checked in on time. More importantly, we inform the responsible persons about who is NOT on time. This way, immediate action can be taken. This check-in and check-out time (via our time registration module) is sent back to Nocore where a manager can adjust,” says Chris van den Berg of Nocore FacilityApps. 

In this way, the business office can check the hours paid while the employee has not been present on site. An employee does not get paid for a day off if the regional manager has forgotten to pass this on to the business office.

App notification in case of deviations

Chris continues: “It is possible for managers (for example foremen or regional managers) to receive notifications in various ways when something is happening that is not desirable. Think of push notifications (like Telegraaf and NOS do). A manager can then switch immediately if someone does not show up at work for any reason.”

News app

We are pleased to be able to launch this functionality now. News sharing and other important communication and information exchange will be easier than ever. A lot still goes via email. But with the news app you can easily communicate messages to different roles. Think of messages to regional managers, foremen, cleaners and customers. 

Again, you can choose to push certain news via a push message. Nobody misses any news on their phone anymore. This can be their own phone or a company phone.

Within a cleaning company there is of course all kinds of communication and news that you want to spread quickly and well. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to read it. Think of vacancies, CLA news, periodic work for which special attention is requested, a newsletter with the latest news, a motivation letter from the management, the start-up of a new customer, etc.

In the future, we also want to build in that cleaning companies get overviews of how many people have actually opened the news. This is more topical than ever, especially with the changes Apple is implementing with regard to privacy and emails. Then these mails will be opened automatically when received, making it impossible to trace whether people have actually opened the mail.

All these things are easier and quicker to arrange via an app. Moreover, everyone is up-to-date on the ins and outs of the company.

These two functionalities can be seen for the first time at the Schoonmaak Vakdagen. Hopefully an extra reason to visit the stand of Nocore FacilityApps in exhibition hall 1.

About FacilityApps

FacilityApps is specialised in mobile workforce management for cleaning companies, facility and service companies and gardeners. You choose the right combination of modules from our platform for your operational work processes. You accelerate the processes on the work floor and reduce the costs.

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