FacilityApps employee Gerrie Eijlers in action at European Handball Championships

FacilityApps employee Gerrie Eijlers in action at European Handball Championships

Gerrie Eijlers, who has been working as Head of Support at app builder FacilityApps for several years, had to step into action unexpectedly yesterday at the age of 41 because the handball team was hit by Corona and there were no more backup goalkeepers available. Eijlers had already accompanied the handball men to Hungary as goalkeeper trainer. He fulfils this function in addition to his work at FacilityApps, since he stopped being an active handball player (1.5 years ago).

After the Dutch handball team had qualified for the first time for the final round and were now among the best 12 countries in Europe, Gerrie unexpectedly had to put on his goalkeeper’s outfit! This because of several corona cases in the team. 

During the match against Olympic champion France, Eijlers also came into action. In the last 5 minutes, he made 3 saves out of 4 attempts. The national media really dived into the story and both Nu.nl, Telegraaf and NOS came up with the remarkable news.

Eijlers himself about his performance beforehand: ‘It seems like a dream that this is happening. But I don’t know yet if this is a good or bad dream, because I haven’t played goalkeeper for a while. But if I can help the team like this, I will. After the performance Gerrie, who played his 121st international match, enjoyed it a lot: ‘It’s very special to be able to play against such a top team and under these circumstances. Another goalkeeper has been flown in so I am assuming that this will be the last one.

FacilityApps will have to wait until Gerrie returns home, as the Netherlands now still plays against Montenegro, Denmark and Croatia. Eijlers: “I had not expected that we would reach the second round, so I am pleased that my employer is so flexible. Handball remains for me the most beautiful game there is. 

Look at him standing at the national anthem! WE ARE PROUD!