Evidence and Results Based Cleaning with Internet of Things

Evidence and Results Based Cleaning with Internet of Things

Stand shows live examples of how actual product use measuring will optimize your business process, in this case Evidence & Result Based Cleaning.


May 10-13: Internet of Things will be made real at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2016, the world’s leading cleaning industry event. Powered by FacilityApps, active in Mobile Workforce Management Apps,  the ‘Evidence and Result Based Cleaning’ stand will be showing 4 ready-made solutions that will significantly change the way we clean and provide services in buildings.

  1. ‘Binster©’ is a smart sensor that gives real time insight in the filling level of garbage bins. Keeps track of your bins and optimise your pick-up route for €2,65 per month*!.  
  2. ‘Live tracking of trolleys’. Our solution makes real time indoor tracking of people and goods possible at an accuracy rate of 15 centimeters!. Measure, report, analyse and optimise. Increase your efficiency, (staff) safety and enable new business models.
  3. ‘I-Beacons’ can push a message to your (company) app to register time, or deliver a message.
  4. Lone rooftop delivers ‘wifi-tracking’. See how busy area’s are, if specific locations have been used and translate this information in workorders to the cleaning staff via Facility Apps.
  5. Book an ‘IoT workshop’ to discover what solutions will work best for you.
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Concrete Solutions to present at ISSA/Interclean in Internet of things in Cleaning and Facility

Optimize your business to Result Based Cleaning and Facility

“Internet of things really is a catch-all phrase.” says Jorus Everaerd, Chief IoT Officer a.i. at Facility Apps. “Conceptually, we are changing the internet from being a hard-disk to becoming a central nervous system. It is now affordable to measure the physical world and to receive the findings on our platforms.  There we do the smart stuff: we analyse and report our findings. From that, we can optimise and send out results in a webpage and apps”.

“It is a gradual process”, Everaerd continues, “The first step of measuring already can provide so much insight that the break-even point is very quickly reached. The rest is all upside. Our Binster© really needs very little explanation re. business case or business rationale. Clients indicate savings on personellcosts of up to 25%, with large incrementals in service level and safety”. According to Everaerd in his experience the only things standing in the way of a revolution on the workfloor is knowledge: “ People have little time to focus on what IoT can bring them, even when they realise the importance. We have created a dedicated workshop to guide businesses through the process of discovering where our IoT solutions can optimize processes and business. This really works”.

Find Evidence and Result Based Cleaning on stand 09.109 at the ISSA Interclean 2016

You can find Evidence Based Cleaning on stand 09.109. In our stand we will show live demo’s of our solutions. Also, you can meet us to discuss how we could help you optimise your business process.

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