Elis awarded for Connected Cleanroom

Elis awarded for Connected Cleanroom

Elis Cleanroom was awarded a prize at the EuroLab/CrimeLab in Warsaw, Poland for her Elis Connected Cleanroom concept, which was developed on the FacilityApps platform. Within a highly regulated industry, many things are done offline. This makes it difficult to monitor compliance with the high standards. Elis Connected Cleanroom™ was developed on the FA platform to improve SOP compliance and time efficiency for your employees.

All collected data is translated into advanced dashboards that are aligned with KPIs. This provides greater transparency in the life cycle of cleanroom clothing and other systems, with the ability to collect data and make decisions based on insights using data analysis, your cleanroom is fully integrated into operations.  

Apps and software for Elis Connected Cleanroom

Elis Connected Cleanroom delivers today 3 apps / products, all running on the software platform of FacilityApps.


App and software for textile management

Through textile management dashboards, data on the use of your cleanroom items can be collected to validate SOP compliance in cleanrooms. Using UHF technology or barcode scanning, this new approach to textile management provides greater transparency and comprehensive data from every part of the cycle.

Dashboards from Elis Connected Cleanroom


ELIS Connected Cleanroom dashboards

This supports the building of insights and customers are kept informed of compliance with GMP and SOPs. The dashboards convert the collected data from both the on-site scanning solutions and the laundries and show it in an easy to understand form. Accessible through any browser and app, cleanroom clothing & cleaning systems are easy to track and trace.

On-Site Scan Stations with app and tablet

Easy-to-use Scan Station to collect product data from operators at your side, with a very small footprint, so it can be used in any changing room. Once installed, logs will seamlessly enter data into your Connected Cleanroom cloud, which will be translated into your custom dashboards. It’s an effective collection and return process using multiple scan UHF technology or barcode scanning.

Scanning cleanroom products


App for smart textile dispenser

An automated solution that uses the operator’s personal ID and allows him to select the desired items based on the profile set. A simple way to control stock levels, without the risk that your cleanroom items run out at any time and can be monitored via the connected cleanroom dashboarding.

ELIS Connected Cleanroom powered by FacilityApps was also awarded a prize last year! Congratulations with this award!