Berendsen wins Cleanroom Innovation Award with FacilityApps

Berendsen wins Cleanroom Innovation Award with FacilityApps

FA & Berendsen’s concept has been awarded the ’17 Cleanroom Innovation Award. Their ‘Connected Cleanroom’ is developed together with FacilityApps. On the second day of the Cleanzone 2017 in Frankfurt Berendsen was selected out of four nominees. With this 100% cloud solution companies involved in cleanrooms can increase contamination control, decrease garment loss and have a better SOP compliance.

Members of Berendsen with the Cleanroon Innovation Award 2017 – 2018


Berendsen Connected Cleanroom

Connected Cleanroom is a pool of digital solutions that utilizes UHF tags in cleanroom textiles to provide insight that will help you with stock management, SOP compliance and more. The innovative software and native app platform is 100% cloud based.

Cleanroom Innovation Award at Cleanzone

The prize ceremony took place at the international Cleanzone exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. A state of the art pool of digital solutions built to improve productivity and efficiency in your cleanroom environment. Using scanning and easy to read dashboards, it is designed to provide you with insight into cleanroom garment usage and SOP hygiene compliance.

The total solution offers three elements currently:

  1. SCAN STATION – An on-site Borrow & Return scanning station built in a small size which fits in any changing room;
  2. SMART TEXTILE DISPENSING. Fast dispensing smart cabinets with large capacity that can hold any textiles, mops and goggles. In is an automated solution which uses the operator’s predefined privileges, allowing them to choose the desired textile items;
  3. DATA ANALYTICS DASHBOARDS FOR CLEANROOMS – All your cleanroom data packed in easy to understand digital dashboards, based on business intelligence (BI) dashboards;


cleanroom innovation award
Business Intelligence Dashboards – big data and apps for the cleanroom industry

Digital Cleanroom

Important theme of this years Cleanzone, but probably also for 2018 and 2019, is how cleanroom production will change by technology, apps, sensors and digitisation in total? How will the increasingly strict requirement resulting from system grow and become compact and smaller?

Future in Cleanroom

Berendsen and FacilityApps are convinced that the Cleanroom Innovation Award will help them with the digitisation of the industry. This will change the cleanroom world in a variety of ways. Business models will change in different industrial areas, and also in the cleanroom industry. Want to know more about this digital Intelligence platform around your cleanroom and facility? Or interested in the possibilities of the different app and partner possibilities FacilityApps offer? Let us know here or look at our partnership and IOT possibilities.