Working with smart devices in the cleaning industry

Working with smart devices in the cleaning industry

For the third time FacilityApps has organized a workshop for cleaning companies, building / construction companies, Property Maintenance and landscaping / green companies about the (im)possibilities of using so called ‘wearables’ like Google Glass, Hololens, Oculus Rift and/or smartwatches on the daily work floor. And looking at the large turnout it was clear from the beginning that this is a subject that interests many people.

Workshop Google Glass, Hololens and smartwatch for Cleaners, landscapers, green workers and facility managers

During the workshop the various technical possibilities and working international cases were shown. Furthermore the participants could work out and discuss their own ideas and had an opportunity to try out a Google Glass to experiencethe future for themselves.

Top 10 applications ideas for working with smartwatch, glass or hololens by staff members/employees

In no specific order these possible applications were mentioned:

  1. You are able to see through someone’s eyes, provide instructions and solve problems live at the same time
  2. Glass or Hololens can tell you which tools/means are needed to clean which polution or surface
  3. Very practical for e-learning purposes or instruction videos. (Re)view how things went or train via video on the spot. Which procedure is needed with which tasks e.g. a hotel or operation room
  4. Capability to see ‘live’where the rest of the team is ( also from a client perspective)
  5. Usage for navigational purposes. See where you have to go to first to start the most needed work
  6. Ordering of materials and means
  7. Capability to see whether a meeting room is avialble or occupied
  8. Automatic control of trolleys via wearables
  9. When a patient is dimissed or when something happens on the workfloor, this can be reported/notified immedeately
  10. Automatic opening of doors

Drawbacks: privacy and intelligence/challenge of cleaners and constructors.

Questions were raised by the participants about the privacy issue of cleaning, gardening, building and other staff using these devices. The question was also raised whether these tools do not take away the challenge /intelligence of the employees as it will be ‘follow order’only. Especially in service management this was perceived to be critical.  

Our greatest insight

The biggest insight gained from these workshops was the fact that suggested solutions to existing problems not necessarily had to be solved by means of a Glass, Hololens or smartwatch. Many of the applications above already exist and are already accessible with a smartphone through the FaciltyApps platform. 

Nevertheless we like to hear your opinion about the use of wearables on the workfloor. Please mail us via, react here or via our Linkedin page.