’Landscaper does not want to waste time on technical nonsense’  

’Landscaper does not want to waste time on technical nonsense’  

With the FacilityApps app, a report or survey of a green-project was already a piece of cake on site. Through a link with Infogroen’s professional software, green providers can streamline their business processes even more easily. The app facilitating pre-calculation and backoffice is currently being tuned, where all-round outdoor service provider T&G Group acts as a tester. Group Leader Hans Smulders of T&G Group: “Our expectations are high, this new app will save us a lot of time.”

Apps for professional Landscaping Management and landscape design companies

App for landscaping management in the field

For a year and a half now, the app created by the software- and app specialist FacilityApps has become indispensable for the employees of T&G Group in their daily work. T&G Group – a service provider that focuses on terrain advice, landscape design and landscaping management – is pleased with the tool that made working a lot easier and more clear.

Company Manager George van Lit of T&G Group:

“The app we have been using for a year and a half streamlines multiple business processes for us within the company. This applies both to internal administration as well as taking care of our clients externally. We are convinced that the updates to the app, which we perform in conjunction with FacilityApps, will provide us with many benefits. “

Within no-time an overview of the result

After FacilityApps took over Krinkels as a customer three years ago, several green-companies and gardeners were contacted, who quickly began to show their enthusiasm. The current FacilityApps app developed quickly and offered T&G Group employees many benefits, says Van Lit. “By means of a log, we can generate that data very quickly.

Through the app we have forms, like excel sheets, directly at hand. Employees can show that they are at their destined location using a GPS-button and can then send a picture to show in what condition they found the location in. In addition, it is possible to describe the location and to report what work has been done. Whether we have weeded, or cut leaves: the client will get an overview of the results in no time. ‘

App offers green provider per project a complete digital project file with backoffice data

And this also applies to additional work, says Van Lit. “Think about damages that we find on location, such as tiles that are skewed, or, for example, a broken fence. The app also displays unsafe situations and informs the client. That is why it immediately knows what is happening on location. Because we are the extra ears and eyes of a client, we offer additional support to the customer. ”

In particular, clients who work from a main building, with multiple locations that they do not visit daily, benefit from the app. ‘For example, take a customer that owns 1500 power stations. Based on comments, we can quickly select where unsafe situations occur, where we have tackled the pavement. With the help of photo material and data from the app, we can evaluate with the customer very quickly without too much administration.‘

Optimal connection between office and workfield

The current app also has an important function: during an annual Greencheck audit it is possible to select all quality documents, such as ISO and VCA, directly by the quality coordinator so that he can evaluate it. “It is a lot faster than filling in a form, scanning and consulting the quality coordinator. We can safeguard all our processes, which is a huge administrative hassle. That is mainly beneficial to the customer, who is completely deprived of it. With this app, a client usually gets more than he asks for. ”

But the app has got even more options for the green providers”, says Dirk Tuip of FacilityApps. Since collaborating with T&G Group three years ago, several improvements have already been made. “T&G immediately saw benefits of the app and integrating the software”, says Tuip. “General Manager Hans Smulders of T&G Group has already learned that apps on the workfloor have a future and can play a part in the growth of his business. We have initiated a collaboration to optimize this app so that it serves as an optimal connection between office and workplace. “

Connecting software and app

The next step in the optimization of the app is to connect T&G’s back-office solution to Groenvision’s automation software. John Willemsen, commercial director at Groenvision, explains: “T&G is, on the one hand, still partly working on our Greenvision software and, on the other hand, working with the FacilityApps solution.

Our software is aimed at making preliminary calculations and quotations, the project administration and the financial administration. In addition, we also provide components such as the hourly registration and the recalculation, scheduling and the crm. “After FacilityApps reported to Groenvision with the plan to make a connection between both programs, Groenvision thought this was a good idea. Willemsen: “That cooperation will certainly bring value to both parties”

The optimal package between ERP software and field apps

“A green provider does not want to lose time with technical nonsense”, says Willemsen. “To unlock the app, we provide them with data, master data from projects, customers and employees. We also receive data from FacilityApps, such as booked hours or mutual communication, which we link to the project. This leads to a complete digital project file that will enable a client to get started. In cooperation with FacilityApps, we completed the technical section for customers in the background.

We have integrated this solution into a party like T&G Group, which can easily use this without extra manpower. “Both software specialists focus on the components they are good at”, Tuip says, “On the one hand, Groenvision supplies data from their ERP- system. On the other hand, information about hours or invoices is included in their accounting package. In this way we combine the knowledge of Infogroen with our specialism. A customer like T&G Group is enjoying the benefits of this. They have the optimal package at the office and in the field. ‘

Lower costs due to more users

Dirk Tuip expects the solution to be rolled out soon, so that more green providers will benefit from it. “Tablets and smartphones are becoming increasingly active in the field. This improved app can provide the best connectivity between office and workplace for green providers. There are now some doubles, i.e. there is a slight overlap between FacilityApps and Infogroen’s functionalities. We have to get rid of those. To do that, we look at what features each individual customer wants to use. The more customers eventually use the integrated system, the lower the cost will be for all users.

Tuip: “Some interested parties have already contacted us. If one sheep leaps over the ditch, the rest will follow, I think”. “T&G also has high expectations from the app, which has to make the work a bit lighter in the future. Hans Smulders: “We provide a wide range of service activities in the field of outdoor space. If it was just about green provision, that app had been ready for a long time. “

Cold feet

Currently, the cooperation is still ongoing; the app is still getting optimized daily. The T&G Group continues to act as a tester, says director – and also group leader – Hans Smulders: “The hardest thing is to make the technical side of the work as simple as possible for our employees.” Working with the app is still a bit choppy”, he says. The benefit is undoubtedly the amount of time that the app will save.

Nevertheless, the reactions of his employees are still a bit hesitant. “We have employees that have been working here for twenty to thirty years. Some are skeptical, but that is usually just cold feet. They often show you a video of their children, which was not even possible two years ago.” Others react very positively: “They want to know which new things they can do with every new update. They are really excited.”